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Internet Finds Of The Week #6

February 19, 2012

Hello world, are you having a nice weekend? It’s been a busy week and besides that, I also had a cold… so I’m glad that I’ll get the chance to relax today. I took Fritzi for a long morning walk, then we had a long breakfast and later I’ll go to the movies with a friend. If you also have time to relax today and want to browse the internet a little, let me give you some inspiration for that. These are my internet finds of the week:

1. This article, written by Will Tuttle, speaks of the importance of connecting with nature whenever we can. It’s a connection we humans somehow lost along the way and we need to find it again in order to continue our journey on this planet. A very inspiring article!

2. I don’t know how she does it, but the lovely girl from Healthy Blender Recipes, manages to make me drool with ALL of her recipes. ย Last week she postet this recipe of Vegan Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownies, which I have to make very soon. Don’t they look awesome?

3. I’m always curious to read about farming because I like to daydream about having a little piece of land to call my own one day as well. I would grow my own veggies, fruits and flowers and have rescued chickens, goats and dogs run around everywhere… But anyhow, I just wanted to say that I found an interesting article about ‘wild farming’ that I found very uplifting for a change. While the world is full of factory farms, there are actually farms out there that try to make a difference by integrating their farms into the wild nature. I love this concept and hope that it will spread around the whole world. Read the article to learn more about it!

4. The BEST NEWS I heard this week was coming from McDonalds, who plans to stop using those terrible gestation crates as an animal breeding method. I don’t know why people invent those things in the first place and I will always hate that McDonalds is one of the driving forces for factory farming, but I’m glad that they seem to slowly make attempts towards a more humane treatment of animals. McDonalds, you still have a loooooong way to go, but thank you for making a first step!

5. In last weeks post I allready talked about the beauty of owning less. When I found this picture on pinterest I had to share it, because it just brings it to the point ; )

Stop buying (Via: Pinterest)

Stop buying (Via: Pinterest)

6. And because we all love cute animal pictures, here my favorite group hug of the week:

Group hug (Via:

Group hug (Via:

Have a great weekend everybody!




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