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My Internet Finds Of The Week #2

January 22, 2012

Wow, one week goes by quickly! And every day there is so much happening in the www. It’s filled with interesting articles, great recipes and cute videos and pictures. This is what caught my eyes during this week…..

1. My cell phone is so old, it doesn’t even know the word ‘app’, but for anyone who uses apps, this one sounds very cool! Find out which wild plants are edible. Collect them on your next walk in nature and then use them for your green smoothie or salad! Wild Edibles App

2. Find out how we are poisining our children and ourselves without even knowing it. Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys

3. And while we are allready informing ourselves about toxics, here is another great blog post about toxic ingedients in our beauty products. I allready checked some of my beauty products and almost all of them contain at least one of the toxins. Time to be more aware! Toxic Beauty

4. Found some healthy snack ideas. The first one needs to be tried very soon!! Yummy!! 20 Quick And Healthy Snack Ideas

5. My favorite video find of the week is showing a little girl that explains (in the most cutest possible way) why we all should buy organic veggies:Β

6. I’m ending this post with a little owl love. Aren’t they sweet?

Source: Pinterest

(Source: Pinterest


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