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Things I ♥ – New Discoveries

August 10, 2012

I love discovering new things or (rediscovering old things) and I thought I share my highlights of august with you. What do you love at the moment?

1. Pacifica Perfume “Hawaiian Ruby Guava”

Pacifica Perfume

Pacifica Perfume

This perfume is all natural and eco friendly. Pacifica has an excellent environmental record and uses post-consumer recyclables for its packaging, while the contents are propylene glycol and cruelty-free. And did I mention that it smells sooo good?! My favorite fragrance at the moment.

2. Very early morning walks

The nearby lake in the morning

The nearby lake in the morning

August is the perfect month to get up early and take a walk while nature is just waking up. Taking in this calmness is my favorite way to charge my batteries for the day.

3. Vegan Milk Rice

Vegan Milk Rice

Vegan milk rice with plums (left) and banana (right)

At the moment I love eating milk rice. I make it in all different kind of variations and sweeten it with stevia. Using non-dairy milk doesn’t even make a difference in the taste. And it’s so quick to make. Yummy!

4. “Candy Shop” Nailpolish by Deborah Lippmann

Candy shop nailpolish

Candy shop nailpolish

When I saw this nailpolish I couldn’t resist. It’s pink with glitter. Does a girl need to say more? 😉 It’s also vegan, no animal-testing, and free of formaldehyde, toluene and phtalates (DBP).

5. Preserving summer

Back at home I made some strawberry jam

Organic Strawberry Jam

I wish it would be as easy to store sunshine for the wintertime, but cooking jam is probably as close as it gets. I already made lots of strawberry and plum jam. Whenever I’ll eat it in autumn and winter I will think back of the summer…

6. Swap Parties

Swap Party

Swap Party

Swap Parties are such a fun way to get rid of old stuff and finding new treasures. Gather a small group of friends, everybody brings things that they won’t use again but that are still usable, prepare some snacks and have a good time!

7. Watching “Earth Pilgrim”

earth pilgrim

BBC documentary “Earth Pilgrim”

Have you seen this wonderful little BBC documentary yet? It’s one of my favorites because it is so detailed and very atmospheric. Satish Kumar finds such beautiful ways to describe nature and the connection of all living beings. If you love nature, you will enjoy this documentary.

8. Taking the bike

The benefits of bicycling

The benefits of bicycling

It’s just a wonderful way to get around in summer time! Even Fritzi, our dog, enjoys going for bike rides. He loves to run next to my bike, like speedy conzales. 😉

9. Bio Zentrale 

Bio Zentrale Bread Spread

Bio Zentrale Bread Spread

Lately I’ve been making a lot of sandwiches with these delicious vegan bread spreads from Bio Zentrale. “Bärlauch” and “Kräuter Tomate” are my favorites.

10. “Sweet Thing” a song from Van Morrison

Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing… music on my ears

I just watched the movie “The Five-Year Engagement” in which they played the song “Sweet Thing” by Van Morrison and now it’s stuck in my head. Such a nice little song.




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    August 20, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    Are you sure that nailpolish by Deborah Lippmann is vegan?

    • Reply
      August 21, 2013 at 10:05 am

      Hi there 🙂 As far as I know, all of this brands nailpolishes are vegan. I found the information in different internet forums.

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