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Lovechock Rocks presented by Jule and Fritzi

October 18, 2014

The other day I was gifted Lovechock Rocks, a new raw vegan chocolate candy, in the flavor of mulberries & hemp. Somehow Fritzi must have been able to read the package, saying “happiness inside”, or otherwise I can’t explain why he was so interessted in stealing my Lovechock Rocks. The package was sitting on my nightstand for a while and he kept coming back, trying to carefully grab the package, sneaky like he is. Good thing I was always there to stop him.

So, today I simply wanted to take a picture of the Rocks and post it with a little review, but Fritzi and Jule just kept showing such an interest in them….







…. that I decided to let them take over the whole presentation.




Lovechock might never get such handsome models for their products anywhere else! 😉




Fritzi really knows how to do the proper product presentation. And he is not afraid to get right into the action in front of the camera.




You can tell he is an experienced dog model.




Even doing the tong move to show that it tastes sooo good!

I have to admit that after all the “hard” work at the shoot, I rewarded Fritzi and Jule with a Lovechock Rock (only because there is no refined sugar in them), but typically I would not recommend them as a dog treat. Just sayin’. 😉

As to eating these as a human treat I can say this:

I’m still new to raw food and have never eaten raw chocolate before, so I was happy to finally try it!  It does taste different than common chocolate, so when you eat these you have to expect the unexpected! My sweet tooth personality expected a sweet flavor, but raw chocolate is more on the subtle side – after all, the main flavor of these Rocks come from mulberries and hemp, both of which I love eating because they are so dense in nutrition. Which brings me to the fact that I like most about the Lovechock Rocks: they are without refined sugar and full of superfoods, which pretty much makes them a healthy, guilt-free snack. Thumbs up!

But enough from me. I let you scroll back to the pictures of Fritzi and Jule again (I know you want to). Not that anyone says I stole their thunder! Go on now!





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