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Eco Friendly Outfit For Him

November 22, 2011

Since I’ve been only posting eco friendly outfits for us ladies so far, I thought it’s time to also post an outfit for the gentlemen. For the sporty gentlemen that is, at least for today.

I wish the T-shirt of this outfit was made of organic cotton, but it’s not. The only “green” thing about it is the writing on it, which makes it borderline eco friendly, I guess. But I liked it so much, that I had to post it. After all, it spreads a very important message!

Eco friendly outfit for him

Eco friendly outfit for him

(Click on the brand name or webpage name to go to their site/product)

Jeans: organic cotton, by Scotch & Soda

T-shirt: “Stop Shark Finning” message on cotton, by Ralph Laurent 

Hoodie: made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, by Alternative Apparel (seen on

Shoes: vegan, made of recycled car tires and organic cotton, by Simple (seen on

Face Scrub “Ocean Salt”:  no animal testing, partly organic ingredients, by Lush

Snack for the road: vegan cookie “Pumpkin Spice”, by Alternative Baking Company (Also check out my blog post about these cookies – they are so yummy!)




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