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October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everybody! Is anybody doing anything special today? I know it would be more appropriate to present a spooky costume as the Eco Friendly Outfit, but then I thought that Vampires run around like normal people nowadays (thanks to Twilight), so this outfit should do it, right? 😉 In case you need some eco friendly ideas for real Halloween outfits, check out this link.


Eco Friendly Outfit

Eco Friendly Outfit


(Click on the brand name or webpage name to go to their site/product)

  •  Jeans: recycled denim, by Nudie Jeans
  • Grey Top: organic, fair trade, by Peopletree
  • Jacket: organic, fair trade, by Peopletree
  • Scarf: organic, fair trade, by Peopletree 
  • Earrings: “Hovey Lee is dedicated to promoting fair trade, human dignity and environmental sustainability before profits. Our designs are sourced from the gemstone suppliers that adhere to Fair Trade sourcing standards.” by Hovey Lee
  • Shoes: vegan, seen on
  • Handbag: vegan, by Matt & Nat
  • Lip Balm: organic, by C.O. Bigelow
  • Nailpolish “Anja”: vegan and free of all the aforementioned chemicals, by Zoya

Have a great Halloween! I’m waiting for the children to ring the door, hoping that they will take all the candy so I don’t have to eat it, if you know what I mean 😉







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