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German Roasted Potatoes (Bratkartoffeln)

June 9, 2013

My boyfriend always makes fun of the fact that we eat a lot of potatoes in Germany. Ok, maybe he is right – we do have a lot of potato (aka Kartoffel) dishes. Kartoffelpuffer, Kartoffelpürree, Knödel, Kartoffelspalten, Pellkartoffeln, Kartoffel Gratin… and not to forget: Bratkartoffeln.


German Bratkartoffeln

German Roasted Potatoes


It’s a traditional German way to cook potatoes and despite the fact that it is a quite heavy dish (or how we say: deftig), it’s simply delicious! Some people also call it Bauernfrühstück, meaning farmers breakfast, adding eggs and/or bacon. The way I love it most, is the simple way, just potatoes and onions. And since my friend made it once with dried tomatoes, I’m even more in love with it. Thanks Melli! 😉

This dish is perfect with a fresh green salad, to balance the heaviness. And how do you like your Bratkartoffeln?


Add sun dried tomatoes in oil for more flavor

Add sun dried tomatoes in oil for more flavor

German Roasted Potatoes

Makes enough for 4

  • 5-6 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 onions (cut in slices)
  • about 750g potatoes (cut in thin slices)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 10 dried tomatos in oil (chopped)

Cover the bottom of a large pan with olive oil (about 5-6  tbsp) and heat ip up. Add onion slices and potato slices. Keep the pan hot while stirring the potatoes often so they don’t get burnt. Eventually turn the heat down a bit. When the potatoes are golden, mix in salt and chopped dried tomatoes.




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