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Earth Pilgrim – My Favorite Nature Documentary

March 23, 2014

In 2010 I did a wonderful road trip through South England with my friend. We rented a car, drove around and slept at different Bed & Breakfasts every night. It was one of the best trips of my life and I really fell in love with the English countryside during that vacation.

One of the days, we stayed at a little B&B called Dartmoor Inn, located at the Dartmoor National Park, which we wanted to visit the next day. We had heard of this place called Wistman’s Wood, which is a beautiful ancient, moss covered forest in the Dartmoor Park. That morning, while having breakfast, a sweet older couple sat across the room. Because we were the only guests having breakfast, we started talking a little. Then we asked: “Do you by any chance know how we can get to this place called Wistman’s Wood.” And all the sudden the eyes of the older man lit up and he answered: “Wistman’s Wood? That is one of my favorite places! I once did a documentary about it with the BBC.”

Now our eyes lit up, being even more curious about the place and this older man. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to have a long conversation that morning, but he told us the title of the documentary and explained the way to Wistman’s Wood, which we then visited that day and also fell in love with.


Wistman's Wood

Wistman’s Wood


As soon as our road trip ended, we bought the documentary, which title is “Earth Pilgrim”. And I remember exactly how we watched it for the first time and had tears in our eyes, because it was so beautiful.

In this little documentary Satish Kumar, the older man we met together with his wife that day, is sharing his great wisdom about life, love and nature. It shows him taking walks in Dartmoor and explaining all kinds of phenomena of nature. And how it always is with BBC documentaries, the cinematography is just beautiful.

Since becoming aware of Satish Kumar, I’ve become a huge admirer of his, not only because of how he sees the world, but also because of the way he expresses himself. He finds just the right words to describe things. Whatever he says, I couldn’t agree more. (In case you feel the same way after watching the documentary, you can find a lot of books and articles he has written. It’s definitely worth investing your time in.)

Because I believe that many of you share my love for nature and life, I wanted to share this little unique documentary with you today. It is my favorite nature documentary because it’s reflecting so much of what I feel for nature and I could imagine that you will feel the same way when watching it. So, if you have a little bit of time this sunday, cozy up on the couch, have a cup of tea and enjoy Earth Pilgrim. To me, it almost feels like doing a meditation. It’s so calm and relaxing!

So, here it is:

PS:ย Even though it is possible to watch the documentary on Youtube, I can only recommend that you also buy the DVD. I already gave it away as gifts to some friends and I like it so much that I watch it again and again.



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