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Creating a Tray of Good Vibes For Your Home

March 22, 2017

While browsing Pinterest, I came across the idea of creating a small altar for your home – a peaceful little space that adds positive energy to your home. It could even function as a place to practice meditations and affirmations or where you center and calm yourself after a busy day. You could fill it with objects that are meaningful to you or simply objects that give you a good feeling, like candles, plants, crystals, rocks mirrors, pictures etc.


crystals and lucky charms


I loved this idea and wanted to create a spot like that for my new apartment as well and this is how it turned out to look like.


crystal altar


When I visited Copenhagen last December I found this cute shop with all kinds of bohemian home decorations. They also had this little wood tray with a mirror and I thought it would be perfect for my personal altar, or how I like to call it “tray of good vibes”. 🙂


home altar


The mirror is a nice addition because it reflects light and all the crystals that are being displayed.


crystal altar


Most of the objects I used have a personal meaning to me. When I travel and come across places that I fall in love with, most times I collect a little “lucky charm” to remember the place. So whenever I look at them it makes my heart smile.


altar for the home


On the tray you can for example see a rock from a pebble beach on Vancouver Island, some tree bark from Los Olivos (California) and crystals from Golzern (a small mountain village in Switzerland). There is also a crystal that my friend gave me which reminds me of her. And there are some other crystals that I just love looking at because they are so beautiful.


tray of good vibes


Over the time I’ve collected quite a few of these lucky charms, so instead of displaying all at once, I mix it up and decorate the tray differently whenever I feel like it.


succulent and crystals


I also like adding a candle and plants. These small succulents are perfect for it.


tray of good vibes with crystals and succulents


Since the tray is small, I put it in different spots like the sideboard in the entrance or on the desk. The other day I even put it in front of me while I did a meditation. I’m not sure if crystals actually do have a natural effect on the body but I guess it’s whatever you make of it. Surrounding myself with beautiful objects and memories surely creates a positive energy for me and that’s all that counts. 🙂


tray of good vibes with crystals and succulents


So this is my latest little DIY project. Do you also have something similar at home? How would you assemble your personal altar?




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