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Easter Brunch Impressions

April 15, 2017

Hey Lovelies and Happy Easter!

What are you up to this weekend? I was hoping that we’d have some sunshine here in Hamburg because everything is starting to bloom and I would love to spend some time in nature, but it’s quite grey and rainy. Even more reason to do some fun things at home, like a long breakfast with loved ones, which is exactly what I did this weekend.

And this is how it turned out to look like, before the food coma…


Vegan Easter Brunch


I love colorful food and tableware, especially now at spring time! And to add some more color to the table, I made smoothie shots in green, pink, yellow and purple and placed them randomly everywhere.


Vegan egg salad


One of the hearty dishes I made was a plant-based egg salad. Instead of eggs I used noodles and Kala Namak salt. The taste and consistency is deceptively real!


Lentil salad


This is a lentil salad with beluga lentils, sweet potatoes, arugula, reddish and a tahini-ginger dressing. Assuming from the reactions of the guests, this was the winner of the day.


golden milk chia oats


For the sweet tooth: golden milk chia oats with mulberries…


millet porridge


… and creamy millet porridge with cashew butter and maple syrup.


easter brunch


There were also two different sourdough breads with various spreads and toppings, sweet and salty.


bread spreads


veggies and tofu


cress and sun dried tomato sprinkles


smoothie shots


The smoothie shots I made with blueberry+coconut water+maca / spinach+cucumber+parsley+banana / strawberry+raspberry+beetroot and orange+lemon+ginger.


smoothie shot


Motto of the day:


Pour not war


Happy Easter everybody!



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