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Sugar In Pet Food???

August 20, 2013
Sugar in dental care chewing sticks?

Sugar in dental care chewing sticks?

I was quite surprised when I first found sugar as an ingredient in dog food. And what seemed like a rare case at first, turned out to be a very common practice of the pet food industry. I guess our all instinct would tell us that sugar does not belong in pet food. It‘s certainly not what cats and dogs would naturally eat and why should something that is so unhealthy for us humans be good for anyone else?

So why do companies put sugar in pet food and treats?

For one, it functions as a natural food coloring, making the cooked meat more brown. (Really? As if…) But there is more to it. While the pet food companie‘s only other official reason is, that sugar gives the food better consistency, there is another, very sneaky reason why they add sugar.

Like humans, dogs and cats have a sweet tooth for sugar. It coveres all the bitter taste that other foods have. When we feed our pets a treat and they gobble it down, we are happy that they like it and give them more. But if we keep feeding them this sugar added food, they will develope an addiction for it, or rather will they never touch another healthier option because it might taste more bitter. This is a very sneaky way of food companies to tie custumers to their brand. Not really surprising, since this technique is used with us humans and candy too.

But is sugar as unhealthy to animals as it is to humans?

Yes, the regular consumptions of sugar can cause a lot of harm to our loved pets. Like us humans, animals can develope diabetis. Sugar also causes general problems with the pancreas and the anal gland. Their bodies are not made to process sugar. And eventhough caries is not as common with dogs and cats, because they tend to gulp rather than chew their food, they do get it.

Ironically my latest find of sugar, was in some dental health chewing sticks that were gifted to my dog Fritzi from a pet store. On the package it says: „Feed your dog 2-3 times a week.“

Ehm, no thanks.



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    yomi (i make my own dog food)
    November 26, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    I find this article pretty interesting and it increases my distrust for the pet food industry. It makes perfect sense to me that these unethical industry will have ways of getting dogs hooked on their poison and i will continue to advocate that every dog owner should learn how to make their own dog food. This is the best and the healthiest way to keep our beloved furry friend alive.

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      June 3, 2014 at 6:04 am

      I agree Yomi! You\’ll never really know what they put in the food, so it\’s best to make \”homemade\” dog food. Thanks for stoping by!

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