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Why Tap Water Should Be The New Bottled Water

July 31, 2013

I’ve stopped buying plastic bottles a long time ago, when I learned how harmful those plastic bottles are to nature. While we use the bottles for just a few minutes, the plastic will rot in nature (especially the oceans) for thousands of years or be burned and pollute our air. So I’ve started using refillable glass bottles instead.

My friend once overheard two girls talking in the train. When one of them realized that the stores will be closed the next day and she won’t be able to buy bottled water anymore, she got all upset. The other said: “Well, you could still drink tap water.” but that only made her laugh, saying that this would really be the last resort.

When I heard the story I wished that I could educate everybody who thinks that tap water is “bad” water, when in fact it is one of the freshest water sources there is – unless you live in an area where it is strictly forbidden to drink tap water. Most times, the bottled water we buy comes out of the same source anyway – it is tap water, filled in bottles. And the quality surely doesn’t get better while it sits in plastic bottles for weeks or months until it is sold. Another positive side effect of drinking tap water – it will save you a lot of money and you don’t have to carry home those heavy bottles. It comes right out of the tap, how convenient!

When it comes to which bottles to use, one could of course just use any glass bottle. But with all the liters of water I drink every day, I enjoy using pretty and practical bottles, so I’m always on the look out for new designs.

Retap water bottles

My new love: Retap bottles


In the past I’ve been writing about the awesome refillable bottles from Lifefactory, but today I want to introduce another favorite of mine: Retap bottles. Retap is a scandinavian company that designs bottles especially made for enjoying tap water, meaning that they are easy to refill and clean and that the bottles are “shaped to provide you with the best experience when you drink from it” – all of which has proven to be true. The opening is actually just right for drinking and cleaning, and the design not only looks great but feels nice in my hand. I also love that they come in three different sizes and that you can chose from many different lid colors. I’ve been using them for weeks now and refill them several times a day. Now I don’t want to miss them anymore. : )


Infused tap water

Infused tap water


Retaps philosophy is to encourage people to drink more tap water instead of bottled water. Funnily, my boyfriend has taken a Retap bottle to work and has gotten some of his co-workers interested in the bottles. It was a great opportunity to share his views on bottled water and now he actually encouraged some of them to drink more tap water – what a great side-effect! : )


I even use it for breakfast : )

I even use it for breakfast : )


And here two more green facts about Retap bottles: they are made of strong eco-friendly borosilicate glass, of which 20% is recycled glass and they are produced in Europe.

Now you know everything about my new love. But what about you? Are you drinking tap water? And what kind of bottles do you use?







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    August 1, 2013 at 5:30 am

    Da bin ich ganz deiner Meinung! Kann man die Retap Flaschen auch irgendwo online kaufen? Ich finde nur die paar Verkaufsstellen, aber von denen ist leider nichts bei mir in der Nähe…
    xo Zoe

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    March 2, 2014 at 2:36 am

    My tap water is too heavily chlorinated and I cannot stand the taste or smell of it. I try to buy purified water for drinking.

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    June 29, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    I agree – buying countless plastic bottles of water a week is terrible for our earthly home. Be kind and drink tap water! (You won\’t notice the difference!) Plus buy organic clothing to really do our world a good deed.

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