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Meet Grumpy Cat

August 16, 2014

Today I have a funny little anecdote for you. Cats are hilarious and this one in particular, you’ll see….

If you have a dog, you’re probably very familar with the following scenario. You walk your pooch and all the sudden he/she smells something and gets totally excited. When you look for the reason, all you see is a fluffy tail disappearing in a hedge. A cat! Like many other dogs, Fritzi loves cats but he never got the chance to really meet them because they always run away (understandably… who would want their proper done, shiny fur be licked by a stinky dog? Cats just don’t roll like that)

I never met a cat that didn’t run away…. until I moved to this neighborhood. Meet grumpy cat!

Grumpy cat, takes the guarding of his fort veeeery seriously. When I first met him, I was walking down the road with Fritzi. Once he spotted the cat, sitting in front of the door, he of course got excited and started pulling towards him. But surprisingly the cat didn’t move. I pulled Fritzi away to not scare the cat and to continue the walk and then the strange thing happened. As soon as we turned our backs to the cat, he started following us. But not in the cheerful “I want to play with you” kind of walk, no, it was this determined “I want to eat you for lunch” kind of walk. His eyes were set on Fritzi and I could tell he was not happy with him. Fritzi, innocent as he is, thought “Oh lovely, finally a cat who wants to make acquaintance with me!”, so of course he started pulling towards the cat. Still, the cat did not turn around, it was the opposite: he seemed to be even more determined. In that moment I actually got scared for Fritzi because grumpy cat did clearly not want to become buddies. So I pulled Fritzi and ran away until grumpy cat stopped following us.

Of course I’ll never know what grumpy cat was really up to. I should give him a benifit of the doubt, maybe he is a total sweetheart and loves dogs, but just doesn’t know how to approach them in a more friendly way. Either way, I think he is a hilarious character and I always giggle when I see him. The way he has his eyes on you when you pass him is too funny. Having said that, when I’m with Fritzi, I don’t go anywhere close to him. That’s why these pictures are taken from far and the zoom has bad quality – sorry.

But here he is: grumpy cat, the Lord of the neighborhood.


In his fort

In his fort

Grumpy cat is watching you! 

Close up...

Close up…


Guarding his fort.

Guarding his fort.


“You shall not pass.”

Ok ok, I will walk the detour....

Ok ok, I will walk the detour….


He does look grumpy, doesn’t he? Grumpy but so cute. I hope I’ll get to know him better one day. Who knows, maybe him and Fritzi will even become friends?



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