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3 Days Copenhagen – My Travel Tips

October 4, 2019

Since my teenage years, my mom and I do little mother-daughter trips and it’s always the greatest fun. This time we chose to visit Copenhagen and went there at the end of August. Having had an amazing time, I want to share some impressions and travel tips with you – from beautiful nature, to delicious veggie food and cool flea-markets!

Hamburg-Copenhagen by train

Starting from Hamburg, it was very convenient to travel by train. Due to some construction we had to take a bus from Rodby on, but usually you can take a train that goes strait from Hamburg to Copenhagen. And what’s most important when traveling? Snacks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I prepared apple slices and plum cake and packed it in reusable containers. Nowadays I always have reusable containers and a refill bottle with me to avoid waste when traveling.

Snacks on the road – zero waste

Where we stayed

We looked for an AirB&B beforehand and found this cute little room with a great view (onto the river), close to the train station and center. The whole apartment was beautifully decorated and they even had a cute dog – always a plus for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

Beautiful Air B&B in Copenhagen
Pretty flower wreath

I especially loved the small details, like these door wreaths. Collecting small impressions and inspirations like these is one of my favorite things when travelling. I could be inspired by the color of an old door, the way a woman wears her hair, a creative composition of a smoothie… it’s what I look out for most when experiencing new places.

And of course taking in the atmosphere as a whole. What I noticed about Copenhagen is, that it is dynamic and layed back at the same time. It’s full of bicycle drivers and tourists, but it didn’t feel hectic, rather enjoyable. It’s a really pretty city with beautiful old houses, parks and water.

Flea Markets and Antique shops in Copenhagen

And because we love the Danish style so much, my mom and I looked out for antique and second-hand shops. It’s where you find unique and authentic pieces for often less money than when you shop for new things. The good news ahead: Copenhagen is full of these shops and has a great selection of flea markets as well. It has a lot of regular flea markets, but also make sure to check dates of the rare yearly flea markets, before you visit.

Antique Store Streets in Copenhagen

Two streets where you find a lot of antique shops are Vesterbrogarde and Ravnsborggade. It’s where I found a beautiful set of old hammered silver spoons.

Flea Markets in Copenhagen

We also visited two flea markets, that we picked out before hands. One on Friday and the other one on Saturday. The first flea market was at Thorvaldsen Plads. It’s a small but very nice antique market in a lovely historical surrounding.

Thorvaldsen Plads Antique Market

The other flea market at Frederiksberg Bredegade was more of a community flea market. I love these kind of flea markets too, because it feels even more like a treasure hunt. You know what they say: somebody’s trash is somebody elses treasure!

Places to see in Copenhagen

Here are some of the other places that we enjoyed visiting, besides the city center with all its small streets and shops.

Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg Have Park

The Frederiksberg flea market was right at the edge of a large park, so we took the opportunity to take a walk here and this park turned out to be one of my highlights of the whole trip!

Cute ferry at Frederiksberg Have

The park is called Frederiksberg Have and there was so much to see. From beautiful old tree alleys, over wide grass fields, winding water streams, an old manor house to amazing bird watching.

We came here early in the morning and brought some danish pastries that we bought at the bakery. It was a lovely, sunny morning and we found a nice spot for our little picknick breakfast. I especially enjoyed the water and watching the birds. There were so many gray heron!

Gray heron and gees at Frederiksberg Have

I’ve never experienced them this close. It was a beautiful view! Next time I would definitely spend more time in this park and maybe even rent a boat to float through the winding stream in the park.

Nyhavn Port Near Old Town

Copenhagen has a beautiful center and old part of town. We loved strolling through the streets and visit some of the shops. While we were there, we made a stop at Nyhavn. Probably one of the best known sights of Copenhagen. It’s a rather small but long port with sailing boats and on the sides colorful buildings and one cafe or restaurant next to the other. It’s very touristy, but also charming. A nice place to stop for coffee or a drink in the evening.

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Walk along the water

Since our B&B was located at the end of the long river/lake Sankt Jorgens So, we walked along the water and found it to be super nice! You could also take a bicycle ride on this passage. Both sides are worth seeing, but we found the west side to be the prettiest.

Sopavillonen at the water

Where to eat

Now let’s talk food! Copenhagen has so many restaurants and coffee shops – it was honestly hard to choose. In the following I’ll show you where we ate.

SOULS (Restaurant)

This is an all vegan restaurant that I can highly recommend. I had the Pulled Burger with “smoked and pulled king oyster mushroom, tru๏ฌ„e oil, homemade kale-slaw, pickled onion, cucumber, radish and Souls bbq-โ€™mayoโ€™”. This burger was beyond good and I also loved the side Ceasar Salad.

Souls Copenhagen

Kompa’9 (Cafe)

This is where we had breakfast and aside from the delicious food I really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. It’s also a perfect spot to start out the day in the old part of Copenhagen and see lots of cute streets and shops.

Kompa’ 9
Kompa’ 9

Landbageriet (Organic Shop and Bakery)

A small shop with organic food and a great choice of vegan pastries. It’s right across from the restaurant Souls, so perfect to take away some dessert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vegan Bakery Copenhagen

Slurp Ramen Joint

I looove Ramen soup and since Copenhagen has a lot of Ramen places we had to try one. This Veggie Ramen was probably the best one I had so far – super fresh ingredients and flavorful. It is not really a restaurant where you plan to spend a lot of time. It’s really just a Ramen bar, where you eat and leave, just like they have in Japan.

Slurp Ramen Joint Kopenhagen

Ipsen & Co (Coffee Shop)

Ipsen & Co is a cute cafe we stopped by to get some coffee and rest. I wished I could try their food too, which looked great but I was still full and only had a coffee. They even had oatmilk, which, by the way, was never a problem in any of the coffee shops we visited. I really loved the atmosphere and decoration in this place. Side note: they had a bird cage hanging above the door for decoration (without a bird) and I somehow thought it would be such a nice symbol to open the door of the cage. I actually told the waitress the idea, which she seem to really like. Now I’m curious if they ever opened the door. So if any of you ever get a chance to visit, I would love to know! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ipsen & Co Cafe Copehagen

Have you ever travelled to Copenhagen? I would love to hear about your experience and travel tips in the comments!

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